Protected Families

Say No to domestic violence!

Domestic Violence is a widespread problem in all countries of the world. Statistics show that, globally, 1 out of 3 women have been victims of one or multiple acts of domestic violence in their lifetime, 85% of domestic violence victims are women and in one out of three cases children have witnessed scenes of violence.

Only in the Republic of Moldova in 2015, there were 1914 reported cases of domestic violence, of which 1688 women and 102 children were victims. But these official numbers represent only the crisis situations in which women and children have decided to break the silence and overcame their fears, and filed a complaint against the aggressors. But the majority of victims still prefer to bear the aggression because of fear or shame.

Another campaign of the Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc is entitled "Protected Families", a campaign to fight against the domestic abuse, whose objective is to offer support for children and women who have been supposed to violence in the family. 

Therefore, we intervene particularly to make the ways to prevent cases of domestic violence nationally known, and also to provide psychological counseling and help for those in need.