Over a hundred world known scientists gathered in Chisinau

05 June 2013
The most recent project supported by Edelweiss Foundation was held in Chisinau a couple of days a ago.
Over a hundred world known scientists gathered in Chisinau
Over a hundred scientists from all over the world gathered together to work and find the best solutions to improve the legal framework of Moldova. Experts, scientists and academia people from the United States of America, Germany, Canada, Russia, Romania and Moldova came to participate at a workshop which was organized in the framework of the 37th Romanian-American Congress.
Experts set as a goal helping Moldova in its challenge to overtake the democratic practices from the developed countries and harmonize them with the local legislation. The Moldovan scientists were the first one to highly appreciate the gesture, and mentioned that this is a great opportunity to exchange experience with world class scientists.
At the end of the session, scientists will write proposals and handle them to the members of Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.