Revive Moldova Campaign

Revive Moldova campaign has reached its goal, the Institute of Mother and Child has 1 million euros for the reconstruction works and modern medical equipment. 

We would like to remind you that from 411.735 lei collected in the framework of the TV marathon, 50.340 lei were collected by means of phone calls, 33.165 lei from sms, while 162.164 lei were raised at the collection point at Publika TV, 76.062 lei in Balti, 51.169 lei in Cahul and 38.835 lei at the Institute of Mother and Child. The Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc "EDELWEISS" offered a donation of 566.998 lei at the end of the TV marathon. 

“Merits belong to all moldovan citizens who joined hands and contributed to the cause. We have a great result. We ewill not stop here, there are a lot of things to do in this country”, concluded Vlad Plahotniuc. 
Press release 02 April 2014 Press release