Dimitrie Cantemir Boulevard 1/1
MD - 2001Chişinău, Republic of Moldova

The Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc "EDELWEISS"

fax: +373 22 809 083
phone: +373 22 809 908

Message from the founder

The Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc "EDELWEISS" has entered its ninth year of activity in the field of charity. Everything we achieved during this period – the national campaigns, positive results, changes for the better which we managed to bring – all this encourage us to continue for many years from now. We want to be next to those who need a reliable support, those talented people, who are fighting for their lives, for a better life here in Moldova.
When people encounter greater difficulties they seek support from close friends, from charitable foundations and people of influence, they seek state support. Fair enough. Until Moldovan institutions will become stronger in order to offer comprehensive support to those who need it, I will continue to provide help through my work, including along with the  Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc "EDELWEISS".
I am doing this believing that every young person supported by the Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc "EDELWEISS" will help in his turn other colleagues, other friends. By helping every family to overcome their difficulties, we inspire local communities: to engage and help in their turn. In this way, year after year, Moldova helps itself.