The Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc "EDELWEISS" has the great pleasure to present five talented and passionate young people; which Moldova has every reason to be proud of: Gabriel, Nicoleta, Grig, Alexandrina, Andrew, Adrian and Daniel are Edelweiss ambassadors and representatives of Moldova’s performance!
 Gabriel Cojocaru

 Student in the 9th grade at the Theoretical High School Orizont from Durelsti, Olympian in mathematics and  informatics. Holds already 20 diplomas, which he obtained at different national and international contests.  According  to him, these diplomas are very important, as each of them represents a step forward in his education.

Nicoleta Chetreanu  
“My name is Chetreanu Nicoleta. I am 18 and I am currently a student at George Enescu University of Arts from Iasi. For me music is food for my soul, is part of me. This is how the young violinist from Chisinau, the member of Chisinau Youth Orchestra, presents herself each time she is performing on stage. Nicoleta plays the violin since the age of six, practices a couple of hours each day and dreams of performing on big stages of the world.

Grig Cuciuc
Hello! My name is Grig Cuciuc. I am nineteen years old and currently I am studying at the Royal College of Music in London, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. I discovered my passion and talent for violin when I was still very young. My parents, and recently Edelweiss Foundation, have supported me to study assiduously, so that I can achieve excellence in this area. I hope I will not disappoint and meet their expectations. I was awarded in all international competitions I participated on the European scene in Austria, Italy and the UK. I hope to meet you at one of the concerts that will be organized in Moldova with my participation!

Alexandrina Gheţoi

Alexandrina Ghetoi is practicing rhythmic gymnastics from the age of six. Gymnastics is not just a hobby for me, but the area where I hope to make a career. I was awarded the title of vice-European champion in gymnastics, but I know I can do more. And I want more: my goal is to become an Olympic champion! My coach, which is very close to me, is Natalia Podgainaia - Master of Sports with International qualification, champion in rhythmic gymnastics. I consider myself lucky with such a supporter! I do not want to complain here of heavy workouts and muscle pain, because I know that success is not achieved without effort. I thank Edelweiss Foundation for the Scholarship awarded within the campaign "Your success is the success of Moldova" and promise that I will remember and think about it, when I climb the podium! God help!

Andrei Ivanov

Hello! My name is Andrei Ivanov, I am 18 years old and I am the author of a book of mathematical problems, entitled "Competitive Geometry Problems". The book was published in Romania in 2009 and contains over two hundred and fifty geometry problems. You guessed it, I love math! One of the reasons I am passionate about Math is ... clarity. I know I will never disappoint math, 2 +2 will always equal 4 ... Most of all, however, I do feel the challenge in the face of complicated issues, and satisfaction when I manage to solve the problem before other mathematicians, some greater and older than me. I cannot wait to start studying in America at a university where I was admitted recently. I promise that I will post on Edelweiss Foundation’s website pictures from U.S., as photography is another passion of mine...
Adrian Cojocari

I am Adrian Cojocaru. I prefer to draw more than write. I focused on painting from a very young age, and this passion of mine helped me keep strong and help my mother overcome the difficulties of life ... I am happy because my mother is now healthy and that my paintings have attracted the attention of people who appreciate art! Edelweiss foundation is with me, and I'll still be there, as Ambassador of Edelweiss Foundation! J Please send me your opinion about my paintings, because a true artist always appreciates constructive criticism!

Daniel Griza

If you were on a deserted island, what would you want to have with you? I, for one, a computer with internet access :). I cannot imagine how people lived before the invention of the computer, I am convinced that I was born in the right century! My name is Daniel Griza, I am sixteen years old and Edelweiss Foundation’s ambassador. This year I have got the maximum score and the first place at Republican Computer Science Olympiad. I have also brought home several gold and silver medals from national and international competitions. But I am very proud of the medal won at Clock Tower School Romania 2012 contest, where I competed with dedicated IT teams from countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Bulgaria, Romania, which are much more developed in training for Olympics in IT.